Nippon Psychedelic Soul 1970-1979

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'Nippon Psychedelic Soul 1970-1979' features a diverse range of Japanese musicians who embraced a psychedelic sound during the 70s. Through their music, they explored themes of cultural identity and self-discovery in the aftermath of Japan's 1960s protest movements. This era saw the rise of influential artists like Happy End, led by YMO's Haruomi Hosono, who pushed the boundaries of Japanese rock with their distorted guitars and bold lyrics.

Other notable figures, such as producer Yuji Ohno and occult wanderer Yoshiko Sai, also contributed to the genre's sonic evolution, infusing it with elements of Philly-soul and bittersweet grandeur.

Nippon Psychedelic Soul offers a captivating journey through a fragmented and reimagined Japanese music scene.

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