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EXTRAS: Obi with insert

Akira Ishikawa, a drummer who led groups such as Midnight Sons, Genchers, and Count Buffaloes and has released countless works to the world. This work, the earliest recording under the name of Count Buffalo, features Ken Muraoka, Hiromasa Suzuki, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Masahiko Sato, and others. Hip jazz-rock “Cougar” led by disquieting strings, “Greensleeves” with a hint of avant-garde, his own interpretation of “Hey Jude”, and a dry jazz-rock version of a folk song such as “Makouta”. , so dense that you don’t even have time to breathe. It is one of the most important works in the history of Japanese jazz-rock, not only in content, but also considering the era of 1969.

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