Dah Nah

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Ryusei Tomoyose is a skilled tenor saxophonist hailing from Okinawa. In the late 1960s, he was mentored by Sadao Watanabe in Tokyo before returning home to contribute to the growth of the local jazz scene. His only album as a leader, Dah Nah, was recorded in 1979 and is a true gem. The title "Dah Nah" is an exclamation in the Okinawan dialect, expressing a sense of relief and fulfillment. At 43 years old and with over 20 years of experience, Tomoyose's talent is on full display in tracks like the energetic "Movement," the elegant "Kirisame," and the nostalgic "Merabi Samba," inspired by the beaches of Yoron Island. This record is a testament to the richness of Okinawan jazz and showcases the depth of Japanese jazz as a whole.

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