SFV ACID #2 - Zane Reynolds



Zane Reynolds (SFV ACID) has been making music alone, DJing, performing, and experimenting since 2007. His music is much like the city he comes from, gridlocked but open, raw, real, and depending on which direction you are looking, a different visceral experience. Since his first vinyl release to the world "NEW WEST COAST" via PPM in March 2011, his creative MPC, 303, 808 skills have been shown and grown to everyone that listens up. SFV ACID's "#2" sneaks in your head from the archives, deep, sought after, and rare. "#2" was dug up and pressed onto virgin vinyl by PPM for all of our listening pleasure. This record stands tall amongst his releases thus far, a gem, a gritty ass shaking dirty drive into the so cal sunset. A look at where Zane Reynolds started, so fresh and relevant, it's real, it's SFV ACID.

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