You Really Got A Hold On Me (7")

Emanuel TaylorSKU: COS 009



It sounds like Stevie Wonder, looks like Stevie Wonder, and smells like Stevie Wonder so it must be Stevie Wonder, right? Well not in this case.  Cultures of Soul's 2012 7 inch soul release is a pair of unbelievable tracks by Detroit soul singer, Emanuel Taylor. The A-side, "You Really Got A Hold On Me" sounds like something Stevie Wonder would've cut circa "Sign, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" era.

Unfortunately for Mr. Taylor when his track was released in 1978 the world had moved on after the 60s Motown sound and the track received some regional air play by local DJs but ended up in obscurity. The B-side, "Society" is a driving 70s funk piece. Emanuel Taylor continued in music and released Gospel records for a while. Remastered for release this is out now! A limited run of 500 copies have been pressed.


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