Woot! is the Word

Ballon D'EssaiSKU: LJR8



COLOUR: Royal Blue   EXTRAS: Silver Foil Gatefold. 48 Page Ballon D'Comic! Ballon D'Sticker! Limited Edition of 500.

Leather Jacket Records, in association with Flying Nun Records are proud to present Ballon D'Essai' — "Woot!" is the Word; the band's classic hits remastered and back on vinyl for the first time in 40 years. Teenage Music and Comix from the early daze of Flying Nun!

In the beginning it was 1981. Armageddon was due 1984. The world needed a Teenage Supergroup to lead the Revolt against everyone aged over 21!

All recordings Arnie van Bussel, Nightshift Studios, Christchurch.
Digitised from vinyl by Steve McGough, Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd, Auckland. Remastered by Angus McNaughton Sept 2023.
Pressed by Holiday Records in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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