Triturate - White Dog

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"Triturate" is White Dog's first cohesive statement, taking influence from other mutant free noise projects like Harry Pussy, Hijokaiden, etc. They are careful to nod but not imitate, creating a pleasurable and painful listen that leaves the listener feeling exhausted and wanting more.

White Dog is comprised of Rusty Kelley (drums and electronics) and Matt Lyons from Total Abuse (guitar), Veronica Ortuno from Finally Punk, and The Carrots (guitar and sax), Photographer Mikayla Bowman (vocals), and Mike Naccarato from Rayon Beach (sax and drums). White Dog has been playing in various forms since 2009 and has since released two ultra-limited sold-out cassettes.

Focusing on improvisation, trash, dirt, broken pedals, pawnshop saxophones, and the worship and love of the mistake and the accidental, They grab you by your eardrums and pull your inner-anything to the front and call attention to it, full force. 

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