Whisper Park/One and Only (7")




7" single for Whisper Park by Velatine - B Side: One and Only.

Velatine's true beginnings were around 2018 when Loki Lockwood re-invigorated a long lost music career after being sidelined producing numerous records and live mixing for a string of Australian artists. At the beginning Loki delved deep into the the world of electronica in an unconventional way, combining a love of cinematic soundtracks, industrial and orchestral music. Along with respect for a great pop song he started hatching the Velatine “Plan”. The mission was to build a catalogue of music strong enough to snare a brilliant female singer with which to collaborate with.

He messaged a young singer Maggie Alley to gauge her interest in perhaps recording a song or two. She appeared at the door of Creepy Hollow, Loki's home and studio base without never having met and after what could be described as an explosive first session they quickly agreed it was something they should develop fully. Not entirly surprising as Maggie, even at her young age has been writing her own material for years, has already released two EPs and is currently working with her band on her debut album. Loki has on numerous occasions said “Maggie brings to the music I write a natural ability to inflict a deep understanding of the differing emotions displayed song to song, she possesses a voice well beyond her age, truly her own style but if you need any references think PJ Harvey or Siouxsie Sioux”.


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