Where is the windy gun?

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"Where is the windy gun?" is the new album from Australian post/industrialists Scattered Order. Now in their 5th decade Mitchell Jones, Michael Tee and Shane Fahey return with the follow up to “Everything happened in the beginning”.

Recorded remotely during the 2021 Covid lockdown this sees the band continuing their quest for human/machine bliss.

Some new little time machines, bespoke engines and introverted cata-claustrophobia, with the occasional breath taking moment and resonance, made with nonchalance, reluctance, enthusiasm and great care. Constructed in a little pocket of anxiety, banging to the beats of an obsolete hubris, with a contempt for nostalgia and yet while trying not to repeat ourselves, to repeat ourselves. They say in repetition there is change and progression. It never adds up, always more than the sum of the parts and off trend with the rest of the prattle and noisemakers.

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