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Saddle-up for Sewers ‘Weight’ LP, for the outback cowboy is dead, this is a completely different smelly log-ride. Bolstered by the recruitment of a second guitarist the band has been able to morph into a less rigid outfit. Releasing the vocalist to do whatever he pleases. The enema has typically been employed by new-age clinics but here Sewers usurp this tool to let go of their old influences. Cleansed, they hone in on their own sound. Each track is a shake of the magic 8-ball forcing you to guess again. Sewers are all too aware of the scorn and malevolence that oozes through every person’s pipes but rather than displacing, they want to share and explore the burden. The rats are still scurrying around the tunnels but now the sludge has reached such pressure that it’s burst the pipes, flush into our clean drinking water! Fear these miscreant mutants as they stick their arms’ out of the manhole looking to snatch a passer-by’s leg.

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