Wasted Years

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COLOUR: Red Translucent   EXTRAS: 2022 Reissue

2014's Wasted Years is OFF!'s second proper album, and like their self-titled debut this thing goes off like an M-80, with Keith Morris laying out some of his sharpest and most articulate rage, filtered through lyrics that are smarter and more severe than what he usually tossed out in his days with Black Flag or the Circle Jerks.

Of course, Morris isn't the whole band, and it helps enormously that he's got three musicians who deliver with the same ferocity he brings to the picture; Dimitri Coats lacks a bit of the angular attack of Greg Ginn, a clear point of influence, but for sheer buzzy onslaught, he could pass for hardcore's James Williamson, while Steven McDonald's bass and Mario Rubalcaba's drums are at once simple, brutal, and extremely clever, injecting just a dash of musicians' smarts into a furious report that would tire most players half their age.

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