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**Blood red/black swirled vinyl is limited to 300 copies**

The debut album from Wollongong's heavy psychedelic outfit Velvet Elevator. With guitars set to open C and amps, cabs and fuzz pedals set 11 Velvet Elevator build a wall of sound so dense that at first it may seem too big to fit into your ears. Covering themes of Anthropomorphism, Religion and Armageddon and focused roughly on the Revelation chapter of the bible the two closing tracks of 'Principium' tell the story of the Blood Moon which is traditionally a series of apocalyptic beliefs appearing in the bible. Velvet Elevator bring the dirge but they show there garage chops with a sound the shares comparisons to The Heads and Sabbath and of course The Wiz as tracks delve into drone, psychedelia and doom. Heavy isn't about volume, it's about attitude and these Wollongong boys have it.

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