Upside Down

Fela Kuti & Africa 70SKU: CELL 6123



SLEEVE: VG+  MEDIA: VG+  YEAR: 1986   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Hub Pressing

Released in 1976, "Upside Down" is an unusual track in Fela Kuti's discography from the period. The two-song, half-hour release follows the typical structure of beginning with several minutes of instrumental solos before transitioning to socially conscious lyrics. However, this song is uniquely performed by Sandra Akanke Isidore, a woman Kuti met in the US in the late '60s and is credited with elevating his social awareness and identity. Isidore's different vocal performance provides a refreshing change in the midst of Kuti's similar two-song releases. The other song, "Go Slow," is jazzier, with singing restricted to chants that punctuate the instrumental arrangement.

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