Under Blind Reasoning

ExaltationSKU: SRUIN 172



After a long silence New Zealand bestial death metal horde Exaltation finally unveil their first proper full-length offering, Under Blind Reasoning, after a demo tape had surfaced back in 2017 amongst generalized obscurity.

Indeed what we find on this debut offering is something distant from the lo-fi quality of the promising but under-produced demo, and sees the band tap instead into a realm of vehemence and aural destruction of unseen magnitude and terror. Feral, enveloping, monumental and sprawling in its unrelenting wrath, Under Blind Reasoning sees the obscure New Zealand death-bringers whip the sum of their influences (Immolation, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Deicide, Blasphemy) into a coercive realm of shelshocking torment and rise from the depths of obscurity like a cataclysmic weapon of mass-destruction.

The album's dense and multidimensional recording quality has yielded a death metal beast of truly unsettling proportions. Every instrument and the utter violence with which it is wielded appears on full display, as the listener is helplessly left annihilated, blow after to blow, to witness the band's tight, savage and merciless performance and technical proficiency literally maul down the fabric of reality piece by piece.

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