Truth (1973) King Hannibal

King HannibalSKU: TWM41



**Limited to 200, clear colored vinyl**

Today, we present the first (official) vinyl reissue of King Hannibal’s 1973 masterpiece “Truth.” Expect mad funky soul classics and intense dirty tracks backed by energetic musicians from Lee Moses, George McCurn (The Staple Singers) & Herman Hitson (Jimi Hendrix).

At times the tunes on ‘Truth’ drift into a mellower southern type of soul, and at other times, the raw, fuzzy & gritty, funky guitars make it a full-on funk-rock kind of album more indebted to Funkadelic. Even on the slower tracks, the psych-fuzz guitar from Lee Moses washes over everything, leaving a delightfully hazy gauze perched atop the simmering rhythms. The groove on ‘truth’ grabs you from the first note to the last.

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