Trompe Le Monde - Pixies

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Trompe Le Monde was both the last Pixies album in their original form and essentially Black Francis's solo debut. It focuses on his sci-fi fascination and lacks any Kim Deal songs; even her backing vocals are far and few between. Yet the band sounds revitalized Trompe le Monde as if it were planned as their last hurrah. The raucous "Distance Equals Rate Times Time" and the explosive cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain's "Head On" are pretty straightforward. Still, the lyrics remain quirky on "Planet of Sound," a song about a Martian who lands on Earth, and "Palace of the Brine," a tribute to sea monkeys and Utah's Salt Lake. 

Though Trompe le Monde doesn't sound quite like the Pixies' other work (Come on Pilgrim's spooky beginnings and Bossanova's spacy sonics), it remains a rousing swan song and a precursor to alternative rock's imminent success.

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