Treasure House

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Given their flair for moody, artfully composed pop, it's no surprise that Cat's Eyes detoured into score work between Treasure House and their self-titled debut. Their music for Peter Strickland's eerily erotic The Duke of Burgundy was rightfully acclaimed, so much so that it may have put Rachel Zeffiraand Faris Badwan on the map more than Cat's Eyes did.

The Duke of Burgundy's influence lingers on Treasure House's beautiful production and arrangements, which use their classical leanings in more traditional and more experimental ways with equal flair. Resplendent with strings, harp, and reeds, the album's title track has cinematic magic that feels like a bridge between the score and the rest of this album. At the same time, "Girl in the Room" is a trance worthy of John Barry, and "Teardrops" channels the eerie calm of the '60s and '70s orchestral pop.

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