Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989

Yutaka HiroseSKU: WRWTFWW066



Yukata Hirose wasn't motivated by the idea of creating pre-recorded compositions for use in environmental settings. Instead opting find a way to create "sound scenery" by arranging speakers and sound sources so that the music would change and merge as the listener traversed the space. He was motivated by the idea of the tea ceremony, where focus was needed to adjust the senses to enjoy the experience.

The material still holds up, even three decades later. The album is split into two parts: the first half is a set of liquid ambient soundscapes that sound closer to Hiroshi Yoshimura, all droplet electronics and breathy drones, while the second half is more challenging, experimenting with noise and what Hirose describes as "hardcore ambient" sounds. The lighter material was intended to be played at cafes and bars and in entranceways, while the more complex sounds were geared towards museums and science centers.



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