Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes

Propagandhi ‎SKU: FAT666-1



It had been five long years since Propagandhi last released an album. In the interim, much to no one's surprise, the world did not become a better place; thus, the return of this trio to action came as welcome relief for those in need of a shot of political rejuvenation.

During Propagandhi's hiatus, bassist/vocalist John departed, replaced by the rather more verbosely monikered Tae-Bo Todd the Rod Kowalski. But what hasn't changed is the group's attitude: They're still raging...oops, one is tempted to say anarcho-punks, a tag the band members loudly disclaim, so let's say agit-rockers. Certainly rock is a sturdy enough genre to hold the trio's predilection for slamming hardcore into speed metal, then thrashing it to death with a good old punk rock beat. And while they may not be as melodic as many of their fellow Fat bands, they aren't beyond writing a damn catchy chorus.

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