This Path Tonight

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COLOUR: Black   EXTRAS: RSD 2016, limited edition, includes 7"

This Path Tonight was written and recorded in the wake of his separation (and eventual divorce) from his longtime wife, Susan Sennett, and by the time it saw release, Nash claimed that he would never perform with Crosby again, thereby bringing a close to CSN.

All the elements were in place for This Path Tonight to be a textbook divorce album but, instead, there's hope threaded among bittersweet ruminations. When he sings about "Another Broken Heart," it's not about himself - he's addressing the woman he's leaving, encouraging her to find a love to help her through. Such a sentiment blends sweetness and self-regard, which is something of a signature for Nash and his compatriots. Here, this trait seems neither narcissistic nor cloying; it feels settled, relaxed, and assured - Nash embraces the changes with confidence because he knows where he's heading; he's no longer looking at the past; he's looking at the future and embracing all the changes to come.

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