Early Times

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Thigh Master’s debut LP couldn’t come soon enough. The Brisbane band have become an established national touring act over the past few years, solidifying their position as a major part of this country’s indie rock circuit.
Now that they’ve dropped their first album after a few 7” records, we finally have a solid chunk of Thigh Master to sink our teeth into. Early Times carries on from those earlier releases with Matthew Ford’s vocals whining over the sound of his rustic guitar.
Opening track Ditch sets the tone for the remainder of the album. Thigh Master are all about bratty post-punk tunes. The album recalls a lot of late ‘80s and early ‘90s underground acts, especially in terms of guitar tones. Company shows Thigh Master at their catchiest, a bubblegum pop classic with a big chorus. Of all the tracks on Early Times it stands out the most and that’s the only gripe one may have with the album. The songs are great and there’s a distinct style to them but the album offers few moments of differentiation.
Still, Early Times is a very strong debut packed with great songs that will only further the bands evergrowing reputation.

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