The Window

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**Limited edition 12″ (150 made)**

When Terrible Signal released their self-titled debut album in 2017, fans of Vincent Buchanan-Simpson were caught by surprise. Mainly recognisable as the manic frontman of Hideous Sun Demon, Vin’s venture into sunny guitar-pop was as pleasantly surprising as it was earnest and completely authentic. However, after Vin resettled in Melbourne and the project began to pick up steam as a functioning live band, the two sides of Vin’s musical brain became less distinct as Terrible Signal’s stage-show became anchored by that familiar chaotic energy. With the release of The Window last month, the past three years have finally culminated in an album that steps away from the band’s solo project origins to instead showcase each of the uniquely different moods of the project - zigzagging between homely bedroom recordings, to spirited sunshine-pop, to more frantic moments of feverish garage-rock.

Never one to reveal his cards too quickly, The Window opens in a characteristically devious way, as ‘When’ emerges slowly with a wide-eyed melody alongside swirls of ethereal synth and meticulous guitar. Moments later however, we’re hit by the frantic rush of ‘Retire’, and then the endearing chimes of ’Half The Person’, with its soaring hooks and buoyant jangles. While each song has its own charm and unexpected tricks, The Window feels like a celebration of the band’s contrasting sensibilities, truly highlighting the band's journey from bedroom recordings to being a live band, a transition which clearly sparked with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard bassist Lucas Harwood, who released the band's self-titled debut album on his label Dusky Tracks.

Terrible Signal's influence by lush 60s pop music and 70s English folk is possibly why the album feels so inviting and nostalgic. They've stuck to their signature sunny, jangly sound listeners have grown familiar with in 'Half The Person', 'Day' and 'My Whole Life’, yet haven't shied away from giving us a taste of a languid new side, with 'Morning', 'Window' and 'Always Here' - in which its calmness provides the perfect closer to the album, and a perfect lullaby to the end of a day. - Trouble Juice

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