The Victor Dimisich Band



Retrospective of perhaps the most elusive of all Christchurch NZ ensembles the Victor Dimisich Band.

Originally released in 1983 on Flying Nun in a minuscule edition the band's lone self-titled 12-inch has become a cult classic more sought-after than owned. With a unique sound that fused an almost gothic styling with desert psych la 13th Floor Elevators, the Victor Dimisich Band created its own genre one that still has not been aptly codified to date.

Membership included Peter Stapleton (Vacuum, Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy), Stephen Cogle (Vacuum, Terminals), Alan Meek (Vacuum, Bilders), Tony O'Grady, and Mary Heney (25 Cents, Scorched Earth Policy).

Historians and enthusiasts know that Heney replaced O'Grady just prior to the recording of the 12-inch as the former had become a born-again Christian and sold his equipment. So there you have it!

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