The Studio Recordings Part 2



With a 15 year history as a live act Fly My Pretties release their second studio album – The Studio Recordings Part 2.

The Studio Recordings Part 2 sees frontman Barnaby Weir and the FMP whānau stepping into the spiritual home of Fly My Pretties – Wellington’s Surgery Studios – to capture some of their most loved tracks in a new setting.

Featuring A Girl Named MoAnna CoddingtonJames Coyle (The Nudge), Mike Fabulous aka Lord Echo (The Black Seeds), Laughton KoraLA Mitchell (Terrible Sons), Ryan Prebble (The Nudge), Eva ProwseAge PryorHollie SmithLisa TomlinsBarnaby Weir (The Black Seeds), Iraia Whakamoe (The Nudge), Bailey Wiley and others.

The Studio Recordings Part 2 travels effortlessly through blues, dub, folk, and soul while maintaining a sound that is uniquely Fly My Pretties.


01 Mud & Stardust
02 Clarity
03 Lucky
04 Turn It Around
05 Heavy Weather
06 All the Goodness
07 Lie in the Land
08 the Watchman
09 Hit the Hay

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