The Shape Of Jazz (2LP)

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‘The Shape of Jazz’ is the debut release by Zvi Belling aka ZEDSIX, producer,
composer, and bass player. The album is part of an ongoing experiment in re-shaping American and African jazz standards through hip-hop. An all-star series of collaborations investigate the intersection of boom-bap and be-bop, it sounds like the future!

This full-length album is currently nominated for Best Jazz Album in the Music Victoria Awards and the ZEDSIX track ‘Lonely Woman’ is included in Frank Yamma’s 2020 ARIA award-nominated release.

The album is a dynamic set of performed and sampled sounds reimagining the
golden eras of jazz and hip-hop. The music illuminates ZEDSIX in a series of
musical portraits with a stellar array of jazz and hip-hop artists.

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