The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure (Used)

Born AgainstSKU: PRANK 060



SLEEVE: NM   MEDIA: NM   YEAR: 2003   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Compilation

Born Against’s significance as a band is best encapsulated in the fact that they’re not so unique- in a good way. In many ways, they act as the perfect example of that odd zeitgeist of hardcore, political, extreme punk from NYC in the late 80’s that provided such a powerful base for subgenres of the early 90’s to build upon.

Unadulterated and furious, Born Against are better known for the message behind their music than for the tunes themselves. This is one reason that an album comprised entirely of tracks from B-Sides, splits, radio appearances and compilations happens to be their most defining output. It’s hardly even semi-coherent in terms of flow and organization, but the consistent sense of ire and radical, politically-leftist agenda is the binding force behind The Rebel Sound Of *** And Failure, exemplifying the “thematic-over-sonic” notion.

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