The Real World



The gestation of Freya’s new album was buffeted by the ebbs and flows of a tumultuous three years, constantly testing the artist’s resolve.

After recording in Joshua Tree with Lucinda William’s Buick 6, the sessions were brought back and shaped along with her Australian band and producer Roger Bergodaz, delivering four pandemic sustaining singles including ‘Nobody’s No Better Than No One’, ‘Impossible To Love’, ‘The Real World’, ‘Vivian, June, Dolly & Jolene’, and the latest single ‘Me & Mine’, all of which received official national radio additions.

In the background, label changes, a pivot to a new management and personal health and heart bound struggles were weathered, ultimately delivering new determination and a fresh team brimming with belief and positivity. That belief reflected in the new global arrangement with Cheersquad Records & Tapes helmed by industry stalwart Roderick “Wally” Kempton, a true believer and an ally in trusting wholly in the energy of Hollick’s art.

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