On The Waves Of Time



On The Waves Of Time is an album by German Psychedelic rock group The Moonshine Brand. Forty four minutes long, the record has eight tracks: Menace To Society, Free Your Mind, Humble Queen, Surfing Through Space, Delusion, Acquainted Blues, Wasted With You (No Time For The Blues) and Daughter Of The Moon. A typical work done within the basic premises of the genre, On The Waves Of Time is a moderately good work. While you can’t expect anything sensational or especially relevant, it’s impossible to deny the astounding and sincere qualities the album amazingly displays, in a genuine atmosphere of positive and deliberately restrained acid rock vibe, and the intelligent, impressive disposition of melodies, adequately positioned at the epicenter of a harmonious layer of direct and immaculate devotion to the genre.

With a sagacious level of originality, that accurately displays a flexible sensibility and a gracious level of creativity, despite its overwhelming simplicity, On The Waves Of Time is a lucid and gracefully designed work of art, that lives by the precious honesty – and the inherent limitations – of the genre. With mostly calm and serene melodies, the songs generally delivers on the ostensibly gracious and unforgettable demise of its rhythmic dissolutions the sagacity and the resignation of its renegade, but wonderfully pure style. 

While you can’t expect anything too authentic or rapturous, undoubtedly, On The Waves Of Time is a very satisfactory record. As a matter of fact, if you maintain your expectations on the right level, you can have quite a good time listening to it. The work do represent with major competence the genre, and The Moonshine Brand vibrantly displays a decent degree of originality, despite some restrictions, and the tremendous – and quite natural – amount of influence they absorbed from their predecessors. 

For avid enthusiasts of the genre, On The Waves Of Time can be quite enjoyable.  If you are passionate for the genre, this certainly helps. The album definitely has strong merits – in fact, more merits than deficiencies –, although the uniformity and the excessive calmness of the melodies do produce a tiresome sense of monotony after a while, that can be quite hard to deal with. Nevertheless, the record is very good, although I think that in the proper place or situation – like a party or if you’re preparing to go to a party, or in a car driving randomly accompanied by friends listening out loud in a Saturday night – the work does a lot better than listening to it all alone by yourself. - Wagner

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