The "Lost" EP

The ChillsSKU: FIRELP745



Amazingly, this is The Chills' first extended release, and by this time (1985), the Martin Phillips-led outfit had already been through seven different lineups in their four-year existence. Following the death of the band's drummer and Phillips' close friend, Martyn Bull, the leader had wanted to rename the latest version of his band A Wrinkle in Time, but he changed his mind and headed into the studio to cut this record.

It turned out to be one of the band's best. Every song rings with Phillips' deeply ingrained love of '60s garage pop and impeccable knack for revealing a gleaming, memorable hook to pair with even his most introspective lyrical journeys. Taken in slices or as a whole, The Lost EP is an essential part of the Chills' canon. 


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