The Holydrug Couple ‎- Soundtrack For Pantanal (Used)



**Used - Sleeve/VG+ Media/VG+ White vinyl**

The Holydrug Couple unleashes their fully-dreamy pop-rock under BYM Records after their acclaimed two records for the NYC based Sacred Bones Records. Conceived to be part of the recently released Moonlust these original and never showed set of songs continues the same displaying of elaborate and delightful compositions that group together to compose the soundtrack of an imaginary film, “one of the best non-existing movies of all time”. The music of The Holydrug Couple has evolved from steady drones based on heavy rock coming from Led Zeppelin, Cream and Jimmy Hendrix from naming big names without oversizing the effect of the music of the Chilean band, but to set some cardinal points; then we have the stoner influx of the first records going through loose drum rhythms to drifting psych compositions found in some Love and last Beatles era. Even more, you can find some Neil Young’s On the Beach images and feelings, but the main power that emerges from this musical plastic lava lamp is the sense of mystery and joy over human feelings such as love, happiness, mindfulness given by nature’s expression, the green after the rain, a colourful spring, a good harvest. Full expression of this can be heard on Noctuary and Awe. Formed by these roots, the handcraft of the songs take a surprising path over Soundtrack for Pantanal and Moonlust, showing strong taste on French pop masterminds such as Serge Gainsbourg, Air, or Stereolab… the new input, given by the synth and the tight drums mostly, shifted the faith of THC to meet new worlds using the open palette at hand, and creating the most complex landscape only compared with wine assembly, slightly unrecognizable. The mission THC and their voyage through the universe made them find (or create) a planet to fit their minds, Pantanal, for which they created the perfect soundtrack.

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