The Dick Swanson Theory (2LP)

RascoSKU: POC 7033-1



SLEEVE: VG+   MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 2005   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: O.G Pressing

Rapper Rasco made a big splash in '98 with his first Stones Throw album, Time Waits for No Man. Gaining notoriety as a Bay Area fave, Rasco changed labels a few times, and released solo records. 2005's The Dick Swanson Theory on Pockets Linted was similar to his earlier work, but lacked freshness. He seemed desperate to court younger fans, so songs like "Backdown" and "No Love" had a pop vibe. Even the ballad "Chances" was cliched. Where he didn't try, Rasco sounded good, like on "What Happened to the Game" and "Situations." This wasn't enough though--Rasco must do something different if he wants to sell his next album.

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