The Dead Boys - Twistin' On The Devil's Fork

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**Used - Sleeve/VG+ Media/VG+**

Who wouldn't welcome another live LP of this hot bunch in their prime -- especially one recorded (October 2, 1977 and August 31, 1978) at the famous club with the powerful sound system they considered their post-Cleveland home turf? Mind you, as block letters on the sleeve warn, Twistin' is "low-fidelity raw." So, though the band rockets through slashers such as "High Tension Wire" and "Down in Flames" with even more power crunch than on Young Loud & Snotty and roars through "Catholic Boy" and "I Wont Look Back" with the ferocity missing from We Have Come For Your Children (!), you have to listen carefully. Still, you should! Even more than the better-sounding Bomp! LP Night of the Living Dead Boys (also CBGB, 3/79), the Dead Boys' wild fury here completely justifies this muddy document. (Hurrah for Stiv Bators' impromptu Kiss diss in "3rd Generation Nation," too -- see? Punks knew better!)

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