The Darrans - The Darrans



On their debut self-titled album, Sydney-based four-piece The Darrans present a chaotic slab of wild, beer-soaked garage punk.

Across the new album’s fifteen-track duration, The Darrans belt through an uncontrollable concoction of punk sounds, delivering a slab of music that’s reminiscent of Aussie punk music’s past, while signposting its future. To give you a brief run-down on this album’s energy; only two of its tracks exceed three minutes. And even so, they fit into the chaotic, explosive sounds of the album’s shorter tracks.

Album opener Alright—clocking in at less than two minutes—is driven by searing guitar riffs and punchy vocal hooks, while tracks like Malcolm (an ode to the late AC/DC guitarist) are centred more closely around wild vocal melodies. To cap the album off, the band whip out a cover of GOD’s My Pal, reinforcing their love of 80’s Australian pub-punk.

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