The Accession

DragnetSKU: SSR023



Manufactured with the synergy of Billy Gardner and Mikey Young, Dragnet return with The Accession - a record cocooned by the band’s incessant chemistry.

Dragnet had its humble beginnings in 2019, united under the premise of recording a tape in one day and leaving it as that. Now, with the addition of Tom Woodruff (Checkpoint, Gonzo) and Alicia Nolan (Gutter Girls), the band feels whole - firm, well founded, well grounded. It takes form in twin riffs and synth lines. It’s the progression from a family of four to six with a lot of food being brought to the table. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like usual, Jack Cherry’s wit knows no bounds, leading the charge as he bursts forth from a heavily cemented rhythm section. Guitars sharp as swords call and answer, the keys fire shots, and bass and drums keep the wheels turning. At its heart, The Accession showcases everything Dragnet have come to be known for.

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