A Point Too Far To Astronaut...

Telephone Jim JesusSKU: abr0046



A couple of years back, Telephone Jim Jesus started compiling songs for what he initially thought would be a self-released project. Over the course of two years, he added new tracks and guests, reworked and edited old pieces and by the time it was drafted on a CD-R and heard by the anticon family it was clear that it had to be released on the label.

A Point Too Far to Astronaut... is a psychedelic collage of spacey samples, droning synths, hard-hitting drums, early 60s vocal samples, pretty guitar riffs and sweet piano melodies, interwoven with surreal poetry pieces from what sounds like a lost dictaphone. The mood of the record ranges from hallucinatory to sad and contemplative to paranoid and angry to good old sarcasm and laughter.

Embracing a bit of ADD, the record demonstrates Telephone Jim Jesus's range of ability. With its short track lengths and varying moods, the record never loses the listener's interest and at the same time manages to maintain cohesiveness through out the record. A Point Too Far to Astronaut reads like a Douglas Adam's novel. The most remote destination imaginable is really only as distant as you want it to be.

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