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On their self-titled debut album, Super-X offer up an all-encompassing barrage of unhinged noise-punk, that marries the trio’s love of unruly proto-punk with the dark edge of psychedelia.

Powered by brothers Harrison and George Ottaway on frantic duelling guitars, and anchored by Kaelan Emond’s thunderous drumming, Super-X is deliriously murky and dense - the abrasive swarms of guitar rushing to fill any gaps left by the bass-less rhythm section and barebones vocals, to form a relentless wall of noise that’s as commanding as it is disorientating.

Completely maximal in their minimalism, Super-X seem at their most comfortable when their soundscapes can sprawl and stretch out, leaning onto a krautrock-tinged backbone that lets their grimy sonic explorations unravel and splutter freely. It’s enthralling in the most confronting and visceral sense - a shock to the system that’ll leave listeners feeling wired and restless for more.

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