la Jungla



2018 sees the band release their third full-length album ‘la Jungla’ (2018), a 13 song 84 minute (double album) sonic journey incorporating classic 60s/70s rock, acoustic folk/country laments and explorative jams. Recorded in one day in late 2017, the band took the power and dynamics of their live show and made a decision to create an album that captures the sonic immediacy of five individuals performing together. ‘la Jungla’ is Spanish for the ‘the Jungle’ and that is exactly what this album is, a layered, present, energetic and forceful album exuding with the spontaneity and excitement of the band’s live shows. ‘la Jungla’ allows the listener to feel like they are there in the room with the band. Minimal instrumental additions; violin, acoustic, slide guitar and vocal harmonies, enhance the experience without eliminating the individual essences each band member brings to the mix.

If Suicide Swans first self-titled release was firmly planted in their early folk/bluegrass/country roots, their debut album ‘Ghosts We Forget’ allowed the band to paint with the broad strokes of cosmic country and their sophomore album ‘Augusta’ advancing the band’s sonic experimentation, then ‘la Jungla’ and its 13 songs represents in all its glory a band confident, pushing and capturing their live sound with a distinctive potency that is all their own.

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