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Strife is a balanced collection of powerful songs, reminiscent of the early proto-punk era. Flight To Dubai have stayed true to their rock and roll roots, personalising the style with their stoic, dark lyricism delivered through the front man’s bellowing baritone as heard on prior releases. The guitarist’s down struck lead and aggressive style pays homage to early rock and is perfectly balanced with the delicate yet intricate bass riffs sitting in the raucous rhythm section. Strife was recorded and mixed over 2 days, predominantly live to tape with minimal edits bar the use of overdubs in the slower 'Sparse Space' which has acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies.

Hail Damage Records is extremely proud to present HDR001 : ‘Strife’ by Flight To Dubai. This release maintains the vivacious and raw energy Flight To Dubai has explored in their previous releases while showcasing their potential to capture a redeveloped proto-punk & underlying rock n roll vigour. ‘Strife’ delves into the dichotomous inner workings of love in an unadulterated fashion, reeling between extreme euphoria and true despair.

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