Street Worms

Viagra Boys ‎SKU: YR0053



A dark and tattooed attitude with a dance floor punk throb. All hail Viagra Boys. Sweden's finest. A re-release of the Stockholm sextet’s debut album with extra tracks.

Produced by Daniel Fagerstrom (Skull Defekts, Chronic Heist) and Pete Gunnerfeldt (The Hives). Sebastian Murphy (vocals), Henrik Höckert (bass), Benjamin Vallé (guitar), Oskar Carls (saxophone) Martin Ehrencrona and Tör Sjodén (drums) deliver a satirical punk-rock take on masculinity.

Caustic and caustic with powerful dance-floor devastating rhythms of pounding motoring beats that are powered by churning bass, swinging broken-glass formed guitars and of course the drums - the relentless no-prisoners-here drums. A theatrical, passionate vocal showerstorm of proclamatory emotional outbursts cajole and entreat you and always carry you away.

An intense, unusual and captivating blend of theatrics, rockabillyroll, post-punk and dark power.

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