Songs For Kids (10")



The album is made up of fifteen tracks, recorded to tape by Amber in a kitchen in Melbourne, a bunch of years ago. The selections range from new takes on traditional lullabies to incredibly powerful and simple ruminations on our world and the social systems we have built.

The result is startling. It is a beautiful record, clearly and simply presented, and all the more elegant thanks to a steady stream of tape hiss and the sound of nylon strings buzzing against stone walls.

Songs for Kids re-release couldn’t be more timely. After a devastating summer in Australia, perhaps the first in which mainstream audiences finally acknowledged the all-to-real effects of climate change, and the wild times of Covid, this collection of songs deals a powerful blow. After years of being faced by an Australian people with a stubborn refusal to listen, it seems Amber Fresh has chosen to send a message in the simplest and most reliable method she knows - writing songs for kids.

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