Somewhere In The Stars



COLOUR: Transparent Cherry   EXTRAS: RSD '24, limited to 1200

Richard Tucker, Campbell Bruce, and Bert Lee coalesced as a trio in the spring of 1968, and by the end of that year had become regular performers at fabled Greenwich Village nightspots. But mostly they were street singers, busking regularly in Central Park. Their only LP, Limited Edition, was released in 1970, and sold only at gigs and on the street. Original copies of the album are now rare collectibles (the LP was reissued digitally in 2014).  

Somewhere in The Stars compiles some of the band’s earlier, previously unreleased recordings, when all three members were signed with Peer-Southern Music Publishers as writers and began using their recording studio to make demos and experiment musically. Beautifully recorded by house engineer Charlie Mack, and supervised by Jimmy Ienner, who’d signed them to Peer-Southern, the demos capture a back-room casualness and rustic, homespun quality that is as welcoming as it is timeless.  

Hear previously unreleased songs, including Richard Tucker's original demo of “Are You Leaving For The Country,” performed by esteemed musician Karen Dalton. This limited edition includes songs from their time as a talented duo in the 1960s.

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