Sirround Sound (2LP)

Djinji BrownSKU: SVH-018-1



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: VG+  YEAR: 2002   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Only pressing

Djinji Brown, son of jazz saxophonist Marion Brown, fronted hard rock band Absolution and produced for hip-hop artists like Supernatural and Jungle Brothers in the '90s. Under the name "Brown Sirround", he released an obscure 12-inch "The Set-Up" and later this debut album Sirround Sound (2002). The mostly instrumental release covers many genres, from salsa ("Abuelita's Dance") to dub ("Rocker's Dub Uptown") to Afro-Beat ("Mojuba"), and EDM ("Apache's Revenge"). Brown also honors his hip-hop "roots" with "Red Lights and Cognac…," "Lifesavers," and "Enter the Sound" (feat. Asheru and Blue Black). Perfect for the peak days of summer, Sirround Sound is the ideal soundtrack for relaxation.


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