Siempre Tiene Flores



Hannah Everingham's debut album gained attention in New Zealand for their timeless sound and strong songwriting. Everingham quickly garnered attention for ‘feeling beamed out of a timeless realm’ (UTR) and her ‘palpable gift for songwriting’ (Lucy Pollock, Flying Nun). Hannah has opened for Tiny Ruins, Erny Belle, Ebony Lamb, Recitals, and Lawrence Arabia, and headlined across the country on her first national tour for single Mercury.

“Siempre Tiene Flores means to ‘always have flowers’. I think the songs might serve as love-letters to those flowers. We recorded this album one dense winter in Ōtautahi, and somehow it became this very warm, almost tropically minded, piece of work. I remember Doug, who plays percussion + vibraphone on the record, brought a whole lot of his homegrown dried fruit along to the days we spent recording and I ate a lot of the dried plums and pears. I’m thinking maybe I can hear the fruit’s presence on the record, the evolution of the flowers." — Hannah Everingham

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