Shakin' It Up At The Nicoberg



In '65, British bands like The Pretty Things and The Kinks were big in New Zealand, even at Palmerston North Boys School. Grim Ltd began with Nick Williams, Mike Waldegrave, Clive Whelan, Donal McKenzie, and Peter Scott as members. After playing their first gig at The Nicoberg Coffee Lounge, Grim quickly built a following in Palmy through appearances at The Flamingo and the popular Hep Dances held at St Pats Hall and the Astoria Ballroom.

When Mike Waldegrave, Nic Williams, and Peter Scott left Grim Ltd to attend university, two members of popular Levin group Four Alone were recruited to join the band — Lee Murray Taylor on guitar and vocals, and John Van Der Reyden on drums.

Grim Ltd continued to gig around Manawatu and Wellington, but by August 1966 had decided to disband. Their final gig took them back to where it all began, at The Nicoberg Cafe on a balmy Sunday night. John — then working as a sound operator for the National Film Unit — recorded the final concert, but it remained unreleased for 57 years until now!


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