New West Coast



Re claiming the San Fernando Valley as the hard nation of weirdo-ness, SFV Acid drops his first bit of vinyl genius on the world. Mixing acid house, grooves, samples, and the Los Angeles laid back vibe, this 6 song 12" is communication to the under elite, the scrawling interior laden youth. Young Zane Reynolds, with his moniker SFV Acid started making music in 2007 while still in High School. With his popular CDR "Get Laid" and his conceptual longing for sexual music, he has been playing and exciting people since day one. Throwing weekly parties in Los Angeles (Starting the exciting and fresh "GROWN" with Ashland Mines aka Total Freedom) DJing, performing, the lines get blurred, but the sounds and the medium is something to take note of. Especially in a world of dishonesty, he speaks the truth. Listen and learn.

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