Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa

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Founded in 1973 in the Los Angeles area, Ya Ho Wa 13, otherwise known as Ya Ho Wa 13 or Yahowha 13 is a psychedelic rock band fronted by Father Yod, spiritual leader of a religious cult/commune called the Source Family. Ya Ho Wha without the vowels and spaces reduces to YHWH, the tetragrammaton. The band recorded nine LPs full of their extreme psychedelic sound with tribal drums and distorted guitars, some of which were completely unrehearsed jam sessions, others which contained more conventional rock songs.

One of Isis's favorites! Spiritual rock and rock, with gutteral intonations on its tongue and psychedelic blues and gospel in its soul. Father's in the driver's seat but not in the grooves - behold, his Savage Sons go solo!


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