"Ryuhyo" - Sailing Ice

Motohiko Hino QuartetSKU: MHJL 308



EXTRAS: Obi & booklet, limited edition

Ryuhyo - Sailing Ice takes pride in its faithful reproduction of the original release, which was pressed and printed in Japan. This captivating live recording from Nemuro, a beloved northern land, showcases the same passion and energy that made the first album, "Tact," so popular. The title track is truly epic, evoking the collision of ice floes in the vast ocean. Led by legendary Japanese drummer Motohiko Hino, the group's performance adheres to the highest modal standards. The adept reed players, Mabumi Yamaguchi on tenor and Yasuaki Shimizu on soprano and tenor, infuse their music with a profound spirituality, resulting in a dynamic and energizing sound.

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