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Ryan Downey's music is distinguished by his exceptional voice, which combines the styles of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callaghan with that of a mid-century crooner. Running is a masterful modern folk masterpiece, with every note perfectly executed, showcasing Downey's velvety baritone as he delves into themes of humor, emotion, and life. Featuring skillfully plucked nylon string guitar, mesmerizing baritone, intricate electric beats, tantalizing guitar solos, and lush synths, this album presents a unique musical soundscape. With Steve Hassett (Luluc) as producer and recording in both New York and Melbourne, Running establishes Ryan Downey as an ageless talent. A breathtaking debut from an artist who effortlessly blends playfulness and sincerity, timeless classics and bold attitude, and stately grandeur and understated elegance.

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