Run The Jewels

Run The JewelsSKU: SEEKR001



COLOUR: Translucent Orange   EXTRAS: Double sided 24"x12" folded insert

The only significant sign that El-P and Killer Mike are taking things “easier” on this album is the focus on shit-talk: aside from the confessional coming-of-age self-pep talk of closer “A Christmas Fucking Miracle”, there's little-to-no high-concept storytelling and a minimum of “Reagan”/”Drones Over Bklyn”-style political science.

They haven't gotten complacent - that latter song gets fleetingly referenced in a Mike line on “DDFH”, one of the few verses that catches the same police-state anger that R.A.P. Music did. And El still raps like somebody who's not sure if he's the last sane man or the craziest man on earth, carrying his refined maniacal diatribes over from Cancer for Cure.

But the majority of Run the Jewels self-titled release is a succession of throw-shit-out-a-window anthems which take the early-LL knuckles-first bragging that inspired the name, running their own psilocybin-tinged mean streak through it.

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