King Of Pop

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Roy Irwin has been a solo artists for nine years and in this time has released over 16 EPs and four full length albums. Roy Irwin has played shows both nationally and in America. 

Valentines Day 2016 saw the release of Roy Irwin's 4th album S.O.D.A. (Some Other Dumb Arsehole) which received glowing reviews through local and international platforms and the digital release of S.O.D.A., garnering Irwin over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with the albums single Demon's Cave receiving over 2 million plays. 

Roy Irwin returns with King Of Pop again through label 1:12 Records and is written, recorded and mixed by Irwin himself in his bedroom in Auckland. 

Originally Roy was heavily influences by the early 09's slacker and grunge movement - frequently being compared to artists such as Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads and Beck. But his current work has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the early kiwi-pop sounds of Flying Nun Records, UK shoegaze, post punk and mainstream pop influences. 

The lyrical content of King Of Pop deals with mental health and self-destruction and whilst there are upbeat songs, there is always a strong underlying sense of darkness that remains. King Of Pop is playful and mysterious and happily dances you in the void. 



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